Clubb Security

Fully responsive site with extensive SEO as requested. Featured News section, with an in depth Feedback section connecting all socials from a single post.

This site makes it so easy for the client to write a new post on the News, and on posting, it automatically updates The News, Twitter, Google + and even Facebook, all from a single click!

Simple social, made simpler!

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Cloverleaf Maintenance

A fully responsive website, mobile friendly with news section to display their current/previous works.

Cloverleaf required a single hub to control the delivery of news updated via the site automatically to all of their social connections without having to juggle each social medium separately.

News posted at Cloverleaf is automatically updated to their News Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and RSS feeds.

Subtle animations and Font Awesome icons for clear navigation, plus easy to use conditional forms were also added.

Carrick Landscapes

Carrick Landscapes required a responsive website, mobile friendly for their company, in tune with their previous site.

The site was matched to their existing site and stationery to continue the identity.

A modern, sleek and easy to navigate site was required with subtle CSS animations.


Mobile app designers Applsource required a responsive website, mobile friendly for their company.

The site was matched to their existing stationery to continue the identity.

A modern, sleek and easy to navigate site was required in a Pinterest style scrolling single page, with subtle animations.

Julia Hart Blog

Professional facialist Julia Hart works at the Hale Clinic in London, performing advance beauty treatments for celebrities and high profile clients.

Julia required a new makeover of her current blog, to continue her brand awareness and have complete control over her content herself.

Mobile friendly, responsive with a touch of class.

Didge Tall Paul Website

Didge Tall Paul

An E-commerce store manufacturing and selling high quality Didgeridoos worldwide. The owner Paul Cook, also teaches and performs this interesting instrument. Paul required a site that gave him the ability to show many more product images, larger images, sound clips and video. He got all of this, and a lot more.

This was a difficult store to pull-off, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Don’t we love tall images in the square world of E-commerce! Without every long image looking tiny in the product thumbnails, I needed a solution which I had used previously for a lighting store that had the same issue with tall floor lamps.

The thumbnail images and product large images benefit from the idea nicely and the customer pleased.

A demanding project, with SoundCloud audio, professional slides, video performances and of course as usual, everything’s responsive too.

The shop also includes, Compare, WishList, Attributes and a very slick easy checkout.

Carrick Artificial Grass

Carrick Artificial Grass

Launched 23 April 2013, Carrick Artificial Grass required a more productive and more appealing site than their bland outdated site.

Strong attention was also given to the links throughout the site which were favoured within Google quite well, not to lose any page rank or SEO juicy goodness.

The Theme for the site was given considerable thought and plays nice on mobile too.

1st Bus Stop

1st Bus Stop

1st Bus Stop recently had a complete redesign to replace their existing site built in 2004. A responsive design was required with a simple way to post news updates regarding their services to the travelling public using their bus routes.

A strong theme was given to the site, to easily remember the site and to appeal to schools and the users of the website, often school children, and conditional form logic to make quotations, testimonials, general enquiries and also a call back service easy to use via mobile devices.

Since many of their website visitors are mobile at most times, an easy way to find timetables and routes and news, or even to call them, was essential.

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