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Web Design Gravesend


Web Design Gravesend

Control Your Site is located in Gravesend, Kent, with over two decade’s experience in the web design industry, creating affordable websites to help your business work online. I can build you a wordpress site so you can manage and publish your own content, design you a responsive site optimised for different devices like mobiles and tablets and design and develop stylish websites that will improve your business. Also if you’re local to Gravesend, I will visit you often to ensure your website and after sales care for your business and web presence isn’t left unattended. Why? Well, quite simply because I care, I’m passionate about what I do – and that’s the professional way business should be done.


Website Design Solutions

I always consider the objectives of your business and customers, when developing any web project. From our initial discussion, I’ll be interested to learn about what you do and who you supply. Your identity is important, and I can also create printed materials to maintain consistency across your precious brand. Your website is not just about the aesthetics, your site should function fast to keep your customers happy while surfing, displaying all the information your audience is looking for and expects to find, in the obvious places. Yet lets not forget, it should be easy and intuitive to navigate, and provide good Search Engine Optimisation possibilities, to allow your website to be found.


Content Management Systems

I can build you a website which allows you to edit the content yourself, via a non technical interface.

No more paying a website designer to update your content every time you have a few new pictures or a new page to publish for your visitors. Now you can do this all yourself, in-house, with no special software to install, you can simply update via any device.


E-Commerce Solutions

I can provide you with a working solution for quick and effective management of your retail store.

Supplying you with the right tools to empower you to: speed up your operation, make bulk updates, integrate with your existing systems and place your products or services in prime position for the leading search engines and shopping comparison sites.

Control Your Site provides;

  • Web Design
  • Hosting & Domains
  • IT & Apple Mac Support
  • Photoshop Design
  • PC Repair and Upgrades
  • Media and Print Work
  • Identities & Branding

Control Your Site can help;

  • Understand your own needs online
  • Sell your product via the web
  • Portray a professional image
  • Control your website in-house
  • Enhance your corporate identity
  • Maintain and support your devices
  • Generate more business for you


I Know My Stuff

I take the time to listen to your needs and understand your business, developing an ongoing relationship until you receive the results you strive for.

Please contact me if you would like to speak to me to see how I can help your business with any of these services.


I have been creating websites for over 20 years, creating websites at a price that your business can afford, supporting the growth of your web presence.

If you’ve had an “Aha!” idea, and think I can help create your next web project, please call or contact me

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