Kent Fireplace Company

The Kent Fireplace Company required a slightly special type of site to give them the ability to sell their items online. As it was not feasible to sell such large items with the view to shipping them via courier, the site was required to attract customers to shop as you would expect on a normal e-commerce store, but then visit the store with your shortlist of possible purchases you found via their site.

The staff also had to have the ability to also use the website in-store as a demonstration kiosk whilst liaising with customers to find their ideal fireplace.

The final key requirement, was the ability for full control of the content to be added by staff, to minimise ongoing costs.

The site is a complete tailor-made solution, with an idiot-proof back-end to prevent any break in the layout and design. Yet at the same time, the back end gives powerful features to give the contributing person many nice options to improve the data being input.