iOS8 Arrives Sept 17th

The new operating system update for iPhone and iPad users arrives tomorrow, bringing with it a huge amount of helpful changes that will no doubt once again streamline our daily routine using these devices.


What’s new?

Messages, voice recording, video recording, location sharing – better connection for the forthcoming Apple Watch due in early 2015.

Answer phone calls on your iMac or iPad

Better connection if you have an iPhone and iPad or iMac, you’ll be able to answer Phone calls from any of them.


Green Bubbles. Now you can message people who don’t have an iPhone too.

This is a game-changer. SMS and MMS too.


Fitness Apps and a new dashboard to monitor your activity.

iCloud Drive

Work on any file type via iCloud using any device.

Family Sharing

Up to 6 people in your house can share your music/ibooks/apps easily.

Keyboard & E-mail

Enhancements, shortcuts and better suggested wordings. Plus, start writing an e-mail on one device, and continue on another.


Simpler than ever, new search, smart albums, new editing tools.

Have an iPhone 5S?

Touch ID, the fingerprint login is being made available to all apps, so look forward to no more pin numbers for some pesky apps, plus easy payment too.


Looks like Siri has had a haircut too, so he’s even snappier than ever.

Who’s it for?

Anyone with an iPhone 4s or iPad 2 or above.

Are you ready?

The best practice to be ready for the update, if you backup to your computer, then update iTunes to the latest version. If you don’t, but instead backup to iCloud, then make sure you make a backup today. (Settings/iCloud/Storage & Backup)
See more details at Apple