Kent Fireplace Co Website

Kent Fireplace New Site

Previously a bespoke Contenido CMS, this new makeover has been custom built from the ground up, this time using WordPress and WooCommerce in catalogue mode.

Finally, The Kent Fireplace Company have been brought into the 21st Century, and a lovely result too.

This new makeover site has been given extensive customisation with every single element, until the client was completely satisfied.

Subtle fades and slides, a slimline overview of the the product pages, use of attributes for easier navigation for the end user.

This is a catalogue shop, with the ability to become a full e-commerce shop in the future. Tricky, but done 🙂

Maritime Printing

Maritime Printing

Maritime Printing required a new design with depth, incorporating their shipping books in an online catalogue. Plenty of attention was given to this new design for animation blends and slides, showcasing their most recent titles available.

The site also incorporates their parent company Rochaprint, a commercial printer, showing the services both companies have to offer throughout the site.

Key features of this site include a responsive layout for mobile friendly, an online catalogue, which may at a later time extend to become an e-commerce section, and a completely new design.