iOS8 Mail – Deadly Delete

So iOS8 arrived. Yet despite the usual booing crowd of envious competitors, which happens every release, it’s got a ton of great features.

Generally, I’m very happy with this release, with such a huge amount of changes and additions. Poor Apple are having a hard time as usual, whenever anything is released – the iPhone 5 deadly grip and now the bendy iPhone 6, but I don’t consider the complains worth considering after doing the math.

Over 10 Million sales and only 9 reports of bent iPhone 6’s? – Thinner is always better (in technology anyway, I hear ladies disagreeing), but surely the common sense thing to do for anything expensive is, don’t put it in your back pocket – and don’t sit on it?!

Swipe and it’s gone

Despite the new iOS being great, I have an issue with deleting mail. Something’s changed in the interface that’s making it far too easy to accidentally delete mail messages.

Gone in 0.60 seconds…

Looking at the list of E-mail’s in your inbox, see these actions.

If you swipe left quickly, the e-mail is deleted in a nanosecond, no sign of a button.

Yet, if you swipe left slowly, the More, Flag, Delete actions are revealed.


If you swipe left slowly all the way till the edge of the screen, the whole e-mail shows a delete button, releasing your finger and it’s gone!


So be extra careful..  it’s tricky, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Don’t get the timing wrong

If you get this timing wrong, you’re e-mail is in the trash. I hope a change is coming…

( cue Apple entrance here… )



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