Didge Tall Paul Website

Didge Tall Paul


An E-commerce store manufacturing and selling high quality Didgeridoos worldwide. The owner Paul Cook, also teaches and performs this interesting instrument. Paul required a site that gave him the ability to show many more product images, larger images, sound clips and video. He got all of this, and a lot more.

This was a difficult store to pull-off, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Don’t we love tall images in the square world of E-commerce! Without every long image looking tiny in the product thumbnails, I needed a solution which I had used previously for a lighting store that had the same issue with tall floor lamps.

The thumbnail images and product large images benefit from the idea nicely and the customer pleased.

A demanding project, with SoundCloud audio, professional slides, video performances and of course as usual, everything’s responsive too.

The shop also includes, Compare, WishList, Attributes and a very slick easy checkout.

Birdcage Boutique Website

Birdcage Boutique


A striking E-commerce store was required for children’s clothing store Birdcage Boutique.

The site began with a logo design, then theming to compliment throughout the site and I must say a very happy and satisfied customer.

The admin part of the store also received enhancements to make the management easier to manage stock on a daily basis, plus SSL added to the store.

Kent Fireplace Co Website

Kent Fireplace New Site


Previously a bespoke Contenido CMS, this new makeover has been custom built from the ground up, this time using WordPress and WooCommerce in catalogue mode.

Finally, The Kent Fireplace Company have been brought into the 21st Century, and a lovely result too.

This new makeover site has been given extensive customisation with every single element, until the client was completely satisfied.

Subtle fades and slides, a slimline overview of the the product pages, use of attributes for easier navigation for the end user.

This is a catalogue shop, with the ability to become a full e-commerce shop in the future. Tricky, but done 🙂

Carrick Artificial Grass

Carrick Artificial Grass


Launched 23 April 2013, Carrick Artificial Grass required a more productive and more appealing site than their bland outdated site.

Strong attention was also given to the links throughout the site which were favoured within Google quite well, not to lose any page rank or SEO juicy goodness.

The Theme for the site was given considerable thought and plays nice on mobile too.

1st Bus Stop

1st Bus Stop


1st Bus Stop recently had a complete redesign to replace their existing site built in 2004. A responsive design was required with a simple way to post news updates regarding their services to the travelling public using their bus routes.

A strong theme was given to the site, to easily remember the site and to appeal to schools and the users of the website, often school children, and conditional form logic to make quotations, testimonials, general enquiries and also a call back service easy to use via mobile devices.

Since many of their website visitors are mobile at most times, an easy way to find timetables and routes and news, or even to call them, was essential.

Julia Hart Shop

Julia Hart


After being abandoned by her long distance web designer, Julia Hart was referred to me by another client who introduced me to help her detangle the mess that had been left behind by him, as well as impliment her long overdue upgrade of her live Magento shop.

After a successful upgrade to the current Magento version, a complete responsive makeover has been implemented.

The e-commerce site launched in March 2013, after satisfactory bench testing. Integration of PayPal Express Checkout and Google Shopping, Customised Analytics were also successfully included.

After extensive SEO and page speed enhancements, a good B rating was achieved at GT Metrix.

Shortly after launch, Google had gracefully listed the shop for the term “skincare shop” at position 5 amongst blue chip competitors on the first result page such as Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, The Body Shop and Selfridges. Good result.

Maritime Printing

Maritime Printing


Maritime Printing required a new design with depth, incorporating their shipping books in an online catalogue. Plenty of attention was given to this new design for animation blends and slides, showcasing their most recent titles available.

The site also incorporates their parent company Rochaprint, a commercial printer, showing the services both companies have to offer throughout the site.

Key features of this site include a responsive layout for mobile friendly, an online catalogue, which may at a later time extend to become an e-commerce section, and a completely new design.

Green and Co

Green and Co


Green and Co required a site that portrayed a professional image over the current unsatisfactory design which was provided by Yell.

The site was given a responsive layout with professional graphics and a requested gallery provided.

Google Analytics were also customised for tracking and SEO enhancements.



A full makeover of an existing amateur effort, given a professional and clean look with new features.

Britannia’s first makeover, I have ensured attention was to given as usual to the initial SEO possibility for the site.

Britannia is a cut-down version mini-site using WordPress, but has the extendability at any future point they may require it.

Key features of the site include, easy navigation, a simple method of contact with captcha, attention to colouring and contact the site into just a couple of pages.

JJ&B Treecare


JJ&B are a local Tree Surgeon company that required an update of their existing site from CYS. The main requirement from JJ&B was for ease of use and simple to contact, coupled with the requirement to be a responsive design for all devices, iPhone, iPad and other mobile tablets and devices.

One other item on their specification was the addition of a gallery to showcase their work and experience, a crucial factor for anybody wishing to obtain their services and have peace of mind before contacting them.