BSB Electrical Launches!

BSB Electrical Services Ltd is now online, a modern and clean design with a nice feeling about this UI.

As well as the usual responsive requirements, this sports a cleaner menu for mobile with graphic icons for visual navigation of their services, plus a matching mega-menu from the Services item, rather than clutter the menu with too many options.

Us humans get confused at too many options.

Members Section

Members Section

Protected Members Section!

The company had some specific requirements that took a little more effort and a few more cups of coffee, with a fully restricted Members section.

Once logged in the protected Members section easily allows them to upload and post various documents, pdf’s and certificates and files. Plus the ability to distribute these files amongst any of their clients, which also have their own protected member pages, dedicated to just that particular client.

Online Employee Timesheet’s!

Another requirement, was the conversion of current paper Timesheet’s for employees and contractors, to a brand new Online Timesheet section. Only available to logged-in Employees, tailored with specific questions for each day they worked.

Such as “Did you have a half hour lunch-break on this day?“, deducting the hours as they go.

Once finished completing their online timesheet, both the company and employee receive a hard-copy via e-mail.

The complete timesheet calculates the working hours of every day and makes the payment process easier, fully backed up and no long hours spent with a calculator adding this up manually anymore.

A huge time saver all round.

Timesheets Online

Timesheets Online

And of course, being fully responsive, and with fields I made for even the fat-fingered among us, its easy to fill-out via mobile or tablet too.

Need Online Timesheet’s or a Members Section?

If you would like a site like this, a protected Members section, or if you’d like your paper timesheet’s converted to an online version Online Timesheet’s such as this… get in touch.

View the live website – BSB Electrical Services Ltd

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