Julia Hart Shop

Julia Hart


After being abandoned by her long distance web designer, Julia Hart was referred to me by another client who introduced me to help her detangle the mess that had been left behind by him, as well as impliment her long overdue upgrade of her live Magento shop.

After a successful upgrade to the current Magento version, a complete responsive makeover has been implemented.

The e-commerce site launched in March 2013, after satisfactory bench testing. Integration of PayPal Express Checkout and Google Shopping, Customised Analytics were also successfully included.

After extensive SEO and page speed enhancements, a good B rating was achieved at GT Metrix.

Shortly after launch, Google had gracefully listed the shop for the term “skincare shop” at position 5 amongst blue chip competitors on the first result page such as Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, The Body Shop and Selfridges. Good result.

Maritime Printing

Maritime Printing


Maritime Printing required a new design with depth, incorporating their shipping books in an online catalogue. Plenty of attention was given to this new design for animation blends and slides, showcasing their most recent titles available.

The site also incorporates their parent company Rochaprint, a commercial printer, showing the services both companies have to offer throughout the site.

Key features of this site include a responsive layout for mobile friendly, an online catalogue, which may at a later time extend to become an e-commerce section, and a completely new design.

Green and Co

Green and Co


Green and Co required a site that portrayed a professional image over the current unsatisfactory design which was provided by Yell.

The site was given a responsive layout with professional graphics and a requested gallery provided.

Google Analytics were also customised for tracking and SEO enhancements.



A full makeover of an existing amateur effort, given a professional and clean look with new features.

Britannia’s first makeover, I have ensured attention was to given as usual to the initial SEO possibility for the site.

Britannia is a cut-down version mini-site using WordPress, but has the extendability at any future point they may require it.

Key features of the site include, easy navigation, a simple method of contact with captcha, attention to colouring and contact the site into just a couple of pages.

JJ&B Treecare


JJ&B are a local Tree Surgeon company that required an update of their existing site from CYS. The main requirement from JJ&B was for ease of use and simple to contact, coupled with the requirement to be a responsive design for all devices, iPhone, iPad and other mobile tablets and devices.

One other item on their specification was the addition of a gallery to showcase their work and experience, a crucial factor for anybody wishing to obtain their services and have peace of mind before contacting them.



Previously a hand-coded static website, Euroguard had great attention given to a W3C validating site, but now required a fresh makeover with new features.

Their second makeover, built to enhance their online presence and provide an easy way to bolt-on enhancements to the site in the future. Euroguard were very interested in the ability to update some of their own content, especially via iPhone.

Key features of the site include, easy navigation, embedded video, information about pests and vermin for potential customers and a simple method of contact.

Locks N Tools


This local Locksmith required a complete makeover of their existing site by Control Your Site to keep up with the times. This had to include, content management and ease of use, plus a mobile friendly version for their customers. On site visits and photography were completed by ourselves with a few meetings to ensure the site met the standard required.

Once again, many Web 2 features were of great interest to this client, with the ability of taking back full control themselves when needing to perform small but necessary updates.

A & H Pest Control


Their second makeover, built to enhance their online presence and provide an easy way to bolt-on enhancements to the site in the future. A and H Pest Control required the site to showcase their work and provide and easy navigation throughout for their customer base.

A&H were very interested for the new site to take advantage of  some of the new Web 2 features available, whilst also making an easy path to upgrade and grow the site in the future, such as including the options of a ready to go CMS, rather than evolve with a static hand-coded site.

Key features of the site include, easy navigation, embedded video, information about pests and vermin for potential customers and a simple method of contact.

Kent Fireplace Company


The Kent Fireplace Company required a slightly special type of site to give them the ability to sell their items online. As it was not feasible to sell such large items with the view to shipping them via courier, the site was required to attract customers to shop as you would expect on a normal e-commerce store, but then visit the store with your shortlist of possible purchases you found via their site.

The staff also had to have the ability to also use the website in-store as a demonstration kiosk whilst liaising with customers to find their ideal fireplace.

The final key requirement, was the ability for full control of the content to be added by staff, to minimise ongoing costs.

The site is a complete tailor-made solution, with an idiot-proof back-end to prevent any break in the layout and design. Yet at the same time, the back end gives powerful features to give the contributing person many nice options to improve the data being input.

Harvel Farm Shop


Harvel Farm Shop is a local produce business that were given a simple static HTML site, with a link to a small MYSQL database, with a nifty feature of updating the blackboard on the front page via their mobile phones, with ease.

Attention is heavy on the images and graphics on the site to attract welcome custom.