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Carrick Landscapes

www.carricklandscapes.com Carrick Landscapes required a responsive website, mobile friendly for their company, in tune with their previous site. The site was matched to their existing site and stationery to continue the identity. A modern, sleek and easy to navigate site was required with subtle CSS animations.

Julia Hart Blog

www.juliahart.co.uk Professional facialist Julia Hart works at the Hale Clinic in London, performing advance beauty treatments for celebrities and high profile clients. Julia required a new makeover of her current blog, to continue her brand awareness and have complete control over her content herself. Mobile friendly, responsive with a touch of class.


www.applsource.co.uk Mobile app designers Applsource required a responsive website, mobile friendly for their company. The site was matched to their existing stationery to continue the identity. A modern, sleek and easy to navigate site was required in a Pinterest style scrolling single page, with subtle animations.

Didge Tall Paul

www.didgetallpaul.co.uk An E-commerce store manufacturing and selling high quality Didgeridoos worldwide. The owner Paul Cook, also teaches and performs this interesting instrument. Paul required a site that gave him the ability to show many more product images, larger images, sound clips and video. He got all of this, and a lot more. This was a […]

Birdcage Boutique

www.bbkidswear.co.uk A striking E-commerce store was required for children’s clothing store Birdcage Boutique. The site began with a logo design, then theming to compliment throughout the site and I must say a very happy and satisfied customer. The admin part of the store also received enhancements to make the management easier to manage stock on […]

Kent Fireplace New Site

www.kentfireplace.co.uk Previously a bespoke Contenido CMS, this new makeover has been custom built from the ground up, this time using WordPress and WooCommerce in catalogue mode. Finally, The Kent Fireplace Company have been brought into the 21st Century, and a lovely result too. This new makeover site has been given extensive customisation with every single […]

Carrick Artificial Grass

www.carrickartificialgrass.co.uk Launched 23 April 2013, Carrick Artificial Grass required a more productive and more appealing site than their bland outdated site. Strong attention was also given to the links throughout the site which were favoured within Google quite well, not to lose any page rank or SEO juicy goodness. The Theme for the site was […]

1st Bus Stop

www.1stbusstop.co.uk 1st Bus Stop recently had a complete redesign to replace their existing site built in 2004. A responsive design was required with a simple way to post news updates regarding their services to the travelling public using their bus routes. A strong theme was given to the site, to easily remember the site and […]